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The Law ministry said there is no proposal to increase the retirement age of Supreme Court judges from 65 to 67 and High Court judges from 62 to 65. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun

The Ministry reply on a recommendation made Parliament Standing Committee to raise the retirement ages of judges. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun. It would help in retaining the existing judges, which further result in reducing vacancy and pendency of cases in short run.The committee also highlight the life expectancy which is increase in last few years.

Historical Background

The National Commission to review the working of Constitution, 2002. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun It is popularly known as The Venkatachaliah Report, the report recommended that the retirement age of judges for High Court increased to 65 and for Judges of Supreme Court to the 68 years. In August 2010 then law minister introduced the 114th Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2010 in Lok Sabha to increase retirement age of high court judges to 65. The bill could not be passed due to dissolution of 15th Lok Sabha.Justice Kurian Joseph of Supreme Court also recommended, increasing the retirement age of judges of higher Judiciary. it can decrease the pendency of cases. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun. However, one school of thoughts said the retirement age 65 is fine at this stage the physical, mental behavior function properly. A person can deliver justice without affected by their age problem.

Shortage Of Judges And No Of High Courts

In India there 24 High court and 25th start functioning from 1st jan 2019 for Telangana.The sanction strength of judges is 1079 for 24 HC but only 695 post filled so far.

Higher Age In Judiciary In Other Countries

The judges are appointed for life in constitutional court of Austria and Greece and in supreme Court of United States of America. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun. The retirement age for judges is 70 in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Netherland and Australia.India also considering to increase the retirement age judges of high courts and supreme court.Experience judges can deliver fast and unbiased justice to people. The lower judiciary judgment rarely challenged in higher court. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun

Why Need Increment In Retirement Age

The judges population ratio in India is 19.66 judges per million people as of today, which is lowest in world. In august 2016, one of report said no.of judges per million people in US had107,Canada had 75, UK had 51 and  Australia had 41. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun. According to National Judicial Data grid ,more than 2.84 crore cases are pending before the subordinate courts, 43 lakh cases pending before high courts and 57987 cases are pending before Supreme court. As the population increases fragmentation of land, property, family and society also increases it lead to dispute and pendency of cases. In India there is delay in judicial process and large no of state and central laws. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun The witness not willing to come forward and delay in medical, forensic reports. These thing required expertise judgment.

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