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How to deal with the weariness arising from studying the same topics repetitively after giving 3-4 attempts?

Keep a varied schedule that doesn’t turn into monotony

Your schedule should not be waking up, sitting with a book of the same subject whole day long and then sleeping. (PCS Coaching Center In Dehradun) It should be disciplined (follow a timetable) but at the same time varied with different subjects mixed in, test practices, good youtube videos, and other such ways to keep you engaged with the content.For instance, I would study polity in the morning from 7–11 am, then short break followed by some history from 11:30 to 2 pm. Best IAS coaching in Dehradun. After lunch, I would watch some good content on youtube for 30 mins to an hour and then power nap for 20 mins (very disciplined and not sleep too much). From 4 pm – 6 pm, I would revise and then from 8:30–10 pm some test series and revise again from 10–11pm and then sleep. Something along these lines could be a good mixed schedule. It is just an example and you can tweak accordingly. (PCS Coaching Center In Dehradun)

  • Reward yourself on small successes/achievement.Have small targets and when you achieve them, treat yourself to a chocolate or even a movie.(PCS Coaching Center In Dehradun) For example, if I finished a particular subject in a given amount of time with revision and took test related to it and got good result, I would treat myself to a movie/chocolate (rewards should be proportionate to the results and finances).

  • Talk to your friends and family in free time.Don’t keep everything to yourself. Talk about what you have studied with your friends as well, it helps to clear the mind and have some nice back and forth. Best IAS coaching in Dehradun.

  • Have a hobby or pursue a sport.Pick some nice hobby/sports that you can pursue over the weekend or during the evenings. It will definitely keep you motivated. (PCS Coaching Center In Dehradun)

  • You must believe that you are one of the best and you can do it!Have complete confidence. Of course, doubts will keep coming. Best IAS coaching in Dehradun. But then you have to treat this period of time as a something very important and you have to keep going at it over and over with the belief that you are smart enough and good enough to do it!

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