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The Union Environment Ministry has officially unveiled the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) with an aim to reduce air pollution by 20% by 2024. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun.


The NCAP is a framework for states and central government to tackle air pollution.The newly unveiled scheme is for five years beginning from 2019. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun. The scheme is applicable only for 102 cities. It aims to reduce particulate matter (PM) pollution by 20-30% in these cities by 2024. The base year for calculating PM levels is 2017.The scheme is launched with a total fund of Rs. 300 crore. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun. The scheme envisages to achieve the targets by partnering with International organizations, environmental organizations, bilateral international organizations, philanthropic organizations, etc.

Objective Of NCAP

As per the Ministry, “Overall objective of the NCAP is comprehensive mitigation actions for prevention, control and abatement of air pollution besides augmenting the air quality monitoring network across the country and strengthening the awareness and capacity building activities.” Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun.

The Plans

The 102 cities identified by the Ministry submitted their plans to tackle air pollution. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun. The plans include increasing air pollution monitoring stations even in rural areas; providing technological support; source apportionment studies for better understanding the patterns of pollution; and strengthening enforcement of pollution related laws. Best Civil Services Coaching In Dehradun. As per the Scheme, the cities have to implement specific plans on specific days for better outcomes.Some measures are – reducing dust by making roads pot-hole free and ensuring free traffic flow or taking strict action against brick kilns. Best IAS Institute in Dehradun.

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